What goes on Planet Mozilla: a survey

Attention conservation notice: probably not of interest to anyone who doesn’t read this blog via Planet Mozilla.

I currently syndicate everything on this blog to Planet Mozilla. Given the ongoing discussion of what does and does not belong there, I would like to poll the audience: How do you feel about any of the following topics appearing on Planet?

  • Details of my recent trip to $COUNTRY
  • Offers to give away unwanted items prior to moving
  • Musings about pottery
  • Musings about video game design
  • Small programs that were a pain to write and might be useful to someone else maybe someday
  • Various Internet-security-related topics which may or may not have anything to do with The Web
  • incredibly hypothetical ideas, zany schemes, and related philosophizing
  • detailed reports on my academic research
  • explanations for a lay audience of how to use the Internet safely
  • summaries of the research presented at $CONFERENCE

This is a sincere question, which I am asking in order to decide whether I, personally, should start filtering what gets syndicated to Planet from here.