unearthed arcana (music division)

Some time ago—I don’t remember how long precisely—I started working on a mixtape. I got as far as writing down a bunch of songs in categories, and then I lost interest, and the list has been cluttering up my desk ever since. The category tags no longer make a great deal of sense and I’m not even sure who sings some of these songs anymore, but if I put it into the computer then I can get rid of the paper cluttering up my desk, and maybe the magic of the internets will do something with it.

Song links go to Youtube.

the man




fight back


My current tastes say there should be less pop and more goth. And some electronica. And probably also some Cake.

Responses to “unearthed arcana (music division)”

  1. Mysterious Andy

    Could DWDTG be The Devil Went Down to Georgia?

    It was the first thing I thought of and filled the top pages when I googled DWDTG song, though I’m not sure how the devil seeking out a renowned fiddle player would make him a stalker…