Crashing should be fixed now

This site should no longer be causing certain versions of Firefox (particularly on Mac) to crash. If it still crashes for you, please flush your browser cache and try again. If it still crashes, please let me know about it.

As an unfortunate side effect of the changes required, there is no longer an owl at the bottom of each page. I’d appreciate advice on how to put it back. The trouble is persuading it to be at the bottom of the rightmost sidebar, but only if there is enough space below the actual content—formerly this was dealt with by replicating the background color on the <body> into the content elements for the sidebar, but now it’s all background images and there are visible seams if I do it that way. Note that body::after is already in use for something else, html::after can’t AFAIK be given the desired horizontal alignment, and (again AFAIK) media queries cannot measure the height of the page, only the window; so that excludes any number of more obvious techniques.

(If you mention Flexbox I will make the sad face at you.)