Switching comment systems

I’m switching Owl’s Portfolio over to a new comment system of my own invention, which will allow me to turn comments back on without (I hope) immediately being inundated with spam. For the next few hours, though, all of the comments made with the old system will temporarily vanish.

The management hopes this is not a horrible inconvenience for the two or three people still reading this site.

Responses to “Switching comment systems”

  1. David Bolton

    I guess you have more than two or three people that want to comment!

    I was just reading your previous post on better SSL error screens but comments are apparently turned off for that page.

    I was just wondering if there is a reason that the error screen asks the user to visit other secure websites manually instead of Firefox checking this automatically behind the scenes?

    1. Zack Weinberg

      The SSL error screens post is several months old - I switched the site to Wordpress and it spammed Planet Mozilla :( That’s why comments are disabled. I’ll probably do a follow-up later today, I got some email responses too.

      The short answer to your question is that that’s not a fully-baked thing that we’re definitely going to do, it’s just me making stuff up. I like your idea, but it might be unpleasantly hard to implement, because those error screens don’t have the power to do anything a regular webpage can’t do (for good reason).