Mozilla Co. conference rooms

The Mozilla Corporation’s new(ish) office in downtown Mountain View has all its third-floor conference rooms named after Internet memes, except those that are named after rooms aboard the starship Enterprise. I’d like to share them with you now.

Small conference rooms (memes)

Large conference rooms (Star Trek)

Responses to “Mozilla Co. conference rooms”

  1. Goolic

    So could you post a photo of the bridge and the warp core?

    I know it wont look like the ones on Star Trek but i’d be cool to be proven wrong O.O

  2. Dave Dash

    AYB is not used for storage.

    Bikeshed was, but now has a table in place.

    Thanks for this list, I didn’t know about some of the memes.

  3. Justin Dolske

    Ultimate is short for The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (song by Lemon Demon, with memeworthy Flash animation).

  4. Zack Weinberg

    @Justin, Dave: thanks for the corrections! I’ve updated the post.

    @Goolic: They are just large conference rooms, not very interesting.

  5. Cheng Wang

    k on the second floor is kthxbai

  6. Dan

    No p in hamster.

    Nice list.

    Some missing memes (among many, obviously) that should come soon:

    Star Wars Kid Boom headshot Three wolf moon David after dentist (is this real life?) Om nom nom
  7. Zack Weinberg

    There is no p in hamster, but there is definitely a p in hampster dance. I see that the site I linked to has had the spelling corrected, alas.

    The second floor K conference room appears to have become kiss since I was last here.