Miscellaneous roguelike ideas

Basic flavor elements:

  • magic is wild; somewhat unpredictable, from the heart as well as the head
  • The High Elves were Not Nice. I’m thinking more like Pratchett’s depiction than e.g. Michael Moorcock’s. Also, they’re all dead.
  • from Earthdawn: putting back together a very broken world
  • keep the horror subtle, though (rugose, squamous ascii art! ha.)
  • references to high fantasy kept small - mob monsters ok, plot monsters not
  • take plot monsters from where? perhaps mythology?
  • references to real world should not be exclusively European
  • e.g. Chinese dragons, not European (also, dragons are much too badass to fight)
  • steampunk technology is fun and could add interest
  • high technology doesn’t fit, though

Fun stuff:

  • Ursula Vernon wombats and weird fruit
  • Secrets of the Gnomes gnomes
  • Nomadic carpet makers? Flying!
  • Non-Euclidean overworld map
  • …gets more Euclidean as the plot advances?
  • Jelaza Kazone-type sapient trees
  • At least one type of magic done with bells.