Operating system selection for $PROJECT, mid-2015

Presented without context, for amusement purposes only, a page from my notes:

FreeBSD NetBSD Linux
Per-process default route Poorly documented,
possibly incomplete
Probably not Poorly documented,
Can compile PhantomJS Probably Probably Yes
Jails Yes No Not really
Xen paravirtual guest Incomplete Yes Yes
System call tracing truss None? strace
pipe2 Yes Yes Yes
closefrom Yes Yes No
sysctl Yes Yes No
getauxval No No Yes
signalfd No No Yes
execvpe No Yes Yes
Reference documentation Acceptable (YMMV1) Acceptable (YMMV) Major gaps
Tutorial documentation Terrible Terrible Terrible
Package management Broken as designed Broken as designed Good
System maintenance automation I can’t find any I can’t find any Acceptable
QA reputation Excellent Good Good
Security reputation Good Good Debatable
Development community Unknown to me Unknown to me Full of assholes

1 It makes sense to me, but then, I taught myself Unix system programming and administration by reading the SunOS 4 manpages.